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Good Work & Great Price

I purchased this product for my large breed dog. He wore it for all 7months, and there was not a single flea or tick on him. Surprisingly great product, I recommended this collar to all my friends, who are also content will this.

judy correllus

Sorry to say, because we spent so much money on two collars, this DID NOT work on our dogs. Why, I do not know.

so far so good

This is a high quality product and my pet loves it the most. It is also very easy to use and is value for money.

this product is hard to beat.

I bought two collars, one for Willow and one for Shana. This is the second year for both girls. Willow lives in the suburbs and Shana lives in the country. I don't think Willow has ever seen a wild animal but Shana has deer, turkey's and all sorts of small wild animals that walk right up to her back door. The great news is that neither Willow nor Shana has had a tick on them since we have been using the new collars. Both my sister and I are very pleased that our dogs are protected.

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