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Wound Gard

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Wound Gard for Cats

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Wound Gard Cats

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Wound Gard for Cats

Cats are outdoor animals and usually mischievous. Due to this, more often they get cuts or wounds on their body parts. Ignoring primary care of the wound may lead to secondary infections, which affect their overall health. Treating such wounds at primary level is the better option. Wound-Gard is a widely used topical solution for treating cuts, wounds, lesions and other types of skin irritations in cats.

Wound-Gard for Cats

A powerful antibacterial solution, Wound-Gard comes in a spray form. Its bitter taste prevents cats from licking or self-mutilating, which can deteriorate the condition. The excellent formulation of Wound-Gard heals the wound faster preventing further infections. While the antiseptic property heals your feline’s wound, the bitterant part discourages them from licking or damaging the wound enabling faster healing process. 

Direction for use
  • Before spraying Wound-Gard, shake the solution well.
  • Spray it on the infected area liberally.
  • Use it three times a day or as per your vet’s directions.
  • For 2cm length of wound, 3 to 4 pumps application is standard.
  • Always wash hands after use or wear rubber gloves while spraying.
  • Keep at distance, when spraying on your pet’s wounds. 
Key Benefits
  • Wound-Gard comes in easy to use spray bottle, thus no direct contact with wound area
  • It treats different types of wounds including lesions, cuts and post-surgical incisions in cats
  • Chlorhexidine (a disinfectant chemical) present in Wound-Gard promotes faster wound healing
  • The bitter agent, which acts as a licking deterrent, in the solution discourages pets from licking or chewing wound
  • With no hazardous chemicals in Wound-Gard, it is safe to use
  • When eyes exposed to Wound-Gard, immediately wash with water as it may cause reddening and watering of eyes.
  • In case of accidentally swallowing, seek your doctor’s advice or visit a hospital immediately.


  • Keep it in a dry and cool place; preferable temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep Wound-Gard spray away from children and pets.

chlorhexidine (di)gluconate 10 g/l , denatonium benzoate 200 mg/l , eucalyptus oil 10 ml/l, menthol 5 g/l, and phenoxyethanol 20 ml/l

Formulation: Topical Aerosol Spray

No wound

Just heals faster and no wound is left untreated. all goes well.

gabe Aug 04, 2019
A highly cost-effective and genuine prod

My veterinarian recommended this product for my kitty because she was suffering from a wound. To my delight the prices at Best Vet Care were so cheap that I decided to forego purchasing it from my veterinarian and got it from the online store.

Joshua Mar 25, 2016
Best Healer

This product has cured my kitty's wound to a great extent. I am really satisfied and content with this product.

Wendy Feb 13, 2017

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Safe & Secure

Trusted Brand