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Read All Reviews : Ultrum Line-up Spot-On for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up Spot-On
Description :

Ultrum Line-up Flea and Tick Preventive for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up is an advanced flea and tick treatment for dogs. It is a quick remedy to protect dogs against fleas and ticks. One single dose kills adult fleas up to 4 weeks and ticks up to 3 weeks. For complete flea and tick control, it is necessary to use two tubules for the continuous two months.  

Ultrum Line-up for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up contains permethrin and pyriproxifen. The active ingredient kills adult fleas on contact and continues to kill for four weeks. The UV-stable Insect Growth Regulator restricts the development of flea eggs and larvae for 5 months. The active formula is effective against ticks for 3 weeks. The potent flea preventive protects dogs against harmful flea and tick infestation.

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Top Reviews

Flea control

Easy to put on coat and worries to buy the product for 2 months as the pack has two month supply. Thanks bestvetcare.

Good service

2 pipettes in one pack and that too packed quite tightly with no worry of adulteration. Thanks bestvetcare for delivery product in good condition, which I don’t find with other stores.

Ultrum Line-up Spot-On

Excellent Product